Broken Hallelujah ACME
*REFORM Conference* YAY! I am attending the biannual International Drug Policy Reform Conf in Los Angeles on behalf of SWOP-Chicago

I am attending the biannual REFORM: DRUG POLICY CONFERENCE this year in Los Angeles November 2-5, on behalf of SWOP-Chicago. There will be 5 other SWOP-National advocates there from various other chapters, and we will have an exhibitor table

1,000+ attendees from over 30 countries will be there! I think it’s important for us to have a presence at this conference because these are people who already have Progressive leanings. Most are Harm Reductionists & forward thinkers. I think many of these people are predisposed to support SWOP’s mission of harm reduction and human rights issues as pertaining to the Sex Worker Right’s Movement; but they need to see and meet us and hear what our positions are. I’m hoping we’ll be able to use this opportunity to attract new funders and supporters.

I am soooooo looking forward to this! AND, I get to spend some time in LA, see some old pals. mini vacation and activism. Hulk Smash!