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because society has yet to treat sex workers like human beings.

Women in general, Women of color and sex workers in particular.

DECEMBER 17th = International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers. some world-wide events listed here:

6,000 ++ notes in ONE week?

Overwhelming response to this Sex Worker Rights poster campaign I posted 7 days ago. I have read every single comment on reblogged posts…and am glad to see such a positive view of the concept that sex work isn’t going away, sex workers are like you and like me….and the sex work industry deserves respect, even if we do not all agree with it or like it. It seems most of you agree that at base level- sex work IS real work, and those who choose this profession do so out of their own agency. 

Some of the comments have been insanely debase and offensive, some violent… but it’s been a joy to see my sentiments immediately rallied when other strangers would repost and check the previous blogger on their misinformed ignorant opinions. 



St James Infirmary 2011 Media Launch

I am both flattered & impressed… my photoset I blogged only 3days ago “SEX WORKERS NEED HUMAN RIGHTS, NOT LEGAL WRONGS” has over 1,028 notes already! I appreciate you people paying attention to something worthwhile. Cheers. Spread the knowledge.

Sex Workers Need HUMAN RIGHTS, Not Legal Wrongs


*REFORM Conference* YAY! I am attending the biannual International Drug Policy Reform Conf in Los Angeles on behalf of SWOP-Chicago

I am attending the biannual REFORM: DRUG POLICY CONFERENCE this year in Los Angeles November 2-5, on behalf of SWOP-Chicago. There will be 5 other SWOP-National advocates there from various other chapters, and we will have an exhibitor table

1,000+ attendees from over 30 countries will be there! I think it’s important for us to have a presence at this conference because these are people who already have Progressive leanings. Most are Harm Reductionists & forward thinkers. I think many of these people are predisposed to support SWOP’s mission of harm reduction and human rights issues as pertaining to the Sex Worker Right’s Movement; but they need to see and meet us and hear what our positions are. I’m hoping we’ll be able to use this opportunity to attract new funders and supporters.

I am soooooo looking forward to this! AND, I get to spend some time in LA, see some old pals. mini vacation and activism. Hulk Smash!